Research project seeking couples for interview:

How Partners Find Each Other

Random romance, arranged marriage* and website introductions.


This study is looking at different routes into relationship and how these may affect the long term satisfaction of partners. My research is based primarily on interviews with couples who came together through one of these three pathways: romance, arranged marriage and introduction through a dating service – whether online or an agency. My intention is to write up my findings in a book which I hope would speak to the general reader as well as to professionals.


I am a psychotherapist and a published author. I have worked for many years with couples facing difficulties in their relationships and now I would like to extend my understanding by speaking to couples who are not in crisis. Above all I would be hoping to hear the story of how two individuals came together and then evolved into a fulfilling partnership. My intention is for the study to include a range of participants including heterosexual and gay couples as well as people of different cultural backgrounds and couples at different ages and stages.


*Because arranged marriage is sometimes confused with ‘forced’ marriage, I want to stress that I am not researching forced marriage, but rather those marriages where the younger generation are happy to have their parents’ help in finding a partner and where there is ample opportunity for the young people to say ‘No thank you’.



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