2016 ‘Can psychotherapy foster the personal cultural awareness that trainings often miss out? My aspirations as a psychotherapy supervisor’, Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology Reflections. 1:1, 35-40.



2015 Forced endings in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy: Attachment and loss in retirement. London: Routledge. I wrote this book when I realised that very little had been published about the therapist’s retirement or other circumstances which might cause a therapist to impose an unwelcome ending on a client. I interviewed around twenty therapists who had either retired or moved home, taken a maternity leave or time off for a sabbatical.

The book is based on the stories of these experienced therapists and explores the ambivalence they felt about letting go of a professional role which had sustained them. I explore the process of closing a private practice, from the initial ethical dilemma, through to the last day when the door of the therapy room closes.

A forced ending is an intrusion of the clinician’s own needs into the therapeutic space. I consider how this might compromise the work but could also be an opportunity for deeper engagement. I explore the role of supervision in supporting good practice and also reflect on the supervisor’s own retirement. The book closes with a checklist of questions that a practitioner might want to consider if they are deliberating  a possible closure of their practice.

I hope the book will help to open up an area which has been considered taboo in the profession so that future cohorts can benefit from the reflections and insights of this earlier generation. If it can support clinicians making this transition then it may result in fewer clients having to face a sudden ending of treatment.


2015 ‘Retirement – a tale of attachment and loss’.    Therapy Today, November pp26-30



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